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Computer Reset meets the needs of their customers. Mr. Winston Abrams is a dedicated instructor and is well versed in additional services, he is very approachable and willing to assist ALL his students in anyway possible. I had a very enjoyable time studying QuickBooks at Computer Resets. Keep up the good works sir.
Date of Posting: 26 October 2016
Posted By: Suzette
He's a good teacher, he takes time out to explain what is needed to use QuickBooks! Thanks
Date of Posting: 26 October 2016
Posted By: Marseilla
Poetic N Passionate, Antigua
I am the owner of the Cost Cutters Supermarket and Restaurant, at the corner of Factory Road and American Road. I am also the owner of BAF Wholesale on Old Parham Road. Mr. Abrams and Computer Reset has been supporting our networks, computers, and our QuickBooks software for the past four (4) years. He has also trained our staff in the use of QuickBooks. I have never had any reason to doubt his honesty and integrity. His on call service and support has been impeccable, and always on time. There has never been a computer or network problem that he has not solved in a very timely manner. I have no reservation in recommending him and his company, Computer Reset, to anyone that needs computer and network support and installation.
Date of Posting: 25 January 2015
Posted By: Melissa
Computer Reset meets the needs of their customers. Mr. Winston Abrams is a dedicated instrucutor and is will versed in additional services.
Date of Posting: 13 May 2014
Posted By: Natasha Francois
I have known Mr. Winston Abrams for about three years. I can confidently say that he is one of the coolest, easy going persons i've known; and i do know a lot of people. His disposition is approachable, warm, friendly and welcoming; thus making it easy for others to reach out to him. At computer reset, Mr. Abrams have created an environment that is conducive to learning. Even if you are a slow learner, he is patient and will give indiidualized attention, catering to the need of each student. His teaching ability is efficient, effective and rare! I can honestly say that Computer reset lives up to to mission; because i am living proof that people go there to learn-and i have learnt a lot! The skills i have acquired will help me to run my business in more efficiently. Computer reset has contributed in a very large way to the personal development and self improvement of many students, entrepreneurs, and many others in our technology-growing society. Techonology is the way of the future; and computer reset is preparing us, one person at a time, thus making us more employable and more promotable for this technological world.
Way to go Winston. Antigua & Barbuda needs more people like you! You are a fine example of what the Golden rule represents. Matt 7:12
Keep up the good works!
Date of Posting: 10 May 2014
Posted By: Germaine Andrew
I am the president of Customer Acquisition & Retention Solutions., Lightfoot East, St. Georges Antigua
Computer Reset is a very committed NGO, always looking for avenues to give back to the people and the country. His work at the Boys Training School is testimony to his sacrificial work, training in skills, religious education and life skills. He is always cool and relaxed and can work well under pressure. He loves the lord and puts the things of God first in his life and with his commitment, who know where God will take him. All the best in your life and work.
Date of Posting: 06 May 2014
Posted By: Ruth Spencer
GEF/SGP National Coordinator, St John's, Antigua
Great place to learn. Computer Reset really thought me what I needed to know. The classes are not too crowded and the syllabus is well organized and easy to learn from and the teachers are well trained individuals. once you are a student you become family. I give it a thumbs up!!!
Date of Posting: 06 May 2014
Posted By: Tamara Christian
I have dealt with and Known Winston for many years. he is not only hard working and dedicated, but also really cares about his Clients. I have used him to fix computers and two of my companies in the past and I do not hesitate to recommend him. Tony
Date of Posting: 28 April 2014
Posted By: Tony
Real Estate Manager, Toronto, Canada

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